14 February 2010

Chess960 @ Google

A year and a half ago, in one of the first posts in the chess960 series that eventually became this blog (see 'Fischerandom Chess' or 'Chess960'?) I checked the relative popularity of the different search terms. Since 18 months is an eternity in web time, I thought it would be a good idea to recheck those numbers with Google. Here they are using the terms currently shown at the top of the page for this blog.
180,000"chess 960"
30,800chess frc
23,500"Fischer Random" Chess
24,600Fischerrandom Chess
18,400Fischerandom Chess
9,900"Shuffle Chess"

Somewhat curiously, the number of 'chess960' pages and the number of 'Fischer Random Chess' page have decreased by half, while the other terms show increases. I'll chalk that up to Google anomalies.

The term 'chess960' still wins by a landslide. Chess960 @ Wikipedia is the first result returned, while this blog is around no.20.

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Ichabod said...

That's what you get for using Google. By Yahoo:

2,790,000 Chess960
108,000 "chess 960"
1,180,000 chess frc
1,230,000 "Fischer Random" Chess
10,300 Fischerrandom Chess
3,680 Fischerandom Chess
12,100 Shuffle Chess

147,000 "Fisher Random" Chess

Still a win for Chess960, but not so lopsided.