03 September 2011

Chess960 with YouTube's Kingscrusher

In my most recent post, Chess960 on YouTube's ChessNetwork, I spotlighted a chess960 video from a popular chess instruction channel on YouTube. Here's another clip from a different instruction channel that is also extremely popular.

Chessworld.net presents: Kingscrusher vs Kingscrusher Cafe Team (28:41) • 'Consultation game - Fischer Random' • SP431 RNQNKRBB

For more video clips, most of them about traditional chess but with a few chess960 videos in the mix, see Kingscrusher's Channel.

1 comment:

biffmeatstick said...

In some of his games you can hear all sorts of domestic noises like the TV blasting and dogs drinking water. I had nothing to do with chess for decades until I stumbled across his channel a couple years ago. I hope he does more Fischer Random in the future.