18 February 2012

An Aborted Announcement

While poking through issues of TWIC from the mid-1990s, in preparation for a post on The Last, Lost Interzonal, I found an earlier mention of chess960 than the 19 June 1996 press conference described in Fischer Announces Fischerandom. From The Week in Chess 51, 1 October 1995:
'Bobby Fischer to present new chess rules' By Roberto Alvarez: Bobby Fischer will present worldwide his NEW chess rules in Merlo City (San Luis, Argentina) on November 13, 1995. Fischer has visited Argentina in 1959 (3rd/4th at Mar del Plata tournament [1959], Buenos Aires 1960, Buenos Aires 1970 and match Fischer-Petrosian, Buenos Aires 1971).

From November 14 to December 30, 1995 will take place a tournament or match between GM Lajos Portisch (HUN) and GM Eugene Torre (PHI) using these rules. This tournament will be transmitted around the world using INTERNET. Also on November 11 (nearly, to be confirmed) will take place in Merlo an strong international open tournament (normal rules).

What happened to that 1995 announcement? Besides Alvarez, GMs Portisch and Torre might be able to answer the question. Alvarez isn't mentioned in my 'Fischer Announces' post, but he is associated with the 1996 event in a related item on ChessVariants.com: Fischer Random Chess - News (see 'News from Argentina'). His document is still available on rec.games.chess. Whatever finally became of the November 1995 plans, another post on this blog, Brady on Fischer Random, places Fischer in Hungary at the end of 1995.

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