02 February 2013

Pieces, Start Squares, and Scores

It seemed like a good idea at the time. The CCRL data (see the right sidebar under 'Resources' for a link), last captured on this blog for Waving a Yellow Flag, is very straightforward: start position (SP), score for White (%), draws (%). Why not calculate the average % for different pieces starting on different files?

The following table shows the results. For example, Bishop starting on the a-file scores 51.55% for White overall and draws in 20.51% of the games.

Although the numbers look like statistical noise, a few patterns might be significant. According to the table, Bishops starting in the corner win less for White than when starting on other squares. Bishops on b/g-files draw less. Knights in the corner win more. Queens in the corner draw less.

Why only 'a good idea at the time'? I expected to see something more convincing.

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