04 May 2013

Wading in Opening Theory

Every once in a while I get overwhelmed when a new SP518 online tournament starts and I have little time for blogging. Two years ago I mentioned this for a post titled The Clock Is/Isn't Ticking, and now, for similar reasons, I plead Cup Play.

What to do? How about a quick post on the terms Google suggests for a chess960 search. I found a good explanation of the mechanism at How Google Instant’s Autocomplete Suggestions Work, written by Danny Sullivan, aka Dr. Search Engine. Here are the terms suggested when you start typing 'chess960':-

  • chess960 castling
  • chess960 strategy
  • chess960 openings
  • chess960 chess.com
  • chess960 tips
  • chess960 computer
  • chess960 play online
  • chess960 tournament
  • chess960 games
  • chess960 software

Ditto for 'fischer random':-

  • fischer random chess
  • fischer random chess online
  • fischer random generator
  • fischer random chess castling
  • fischer random chess960
  • fischer random castling

The term 'fischerrandom' (two 'r's) automatically corrects to 'fischer random', while 'fischerandom' (one 'r') returns only three suggestions:-

  • fischerandom chess
  • fischerandom chess computerized shuffler
  • fischerandom wiki

There are some interesting terms in these lists and I might come back to them for my next post if I'm still wading in opening theory.

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