26 April 2014

Chess960 1-2-3

My previous post -- Static Blog Pages, Chess960 Version -- wasn't just about correcting an interface to Chesscube. It was also about providing a framework for my next project, an 'ebook' (for lack of a better term) covering chess960. I'm tentatively calling it 'Chess960 1-2-3', where '1-2-3' refers to three stages of chess960 progress: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

First I developed a list of topics that applies to each of those three stages: Introduction, History, Castling, Theory, and Notes. Then I went through the early chess960 posts on my main blog -- up to the point where this current blog took over -- to see if they fit into the 1-2-3 structure. Finally I created a new page, Chess960 1-2-3, which incorporates all of the above.

A single index page is a long way from an ebook, but it should evolve over time. Because it's a static page, a link will appear at the top of every post on this blog.

1 comment:

HarryO said...

What a good idea Mark, I look forward to browsing your blog via Chess960 1-2-3 in the future. I like the idea of ordering the e-book by skill progression, it is more motivating to browse that way.