25 October 2014

Another Difficult SP for Black

The post from a few weeks ago, A Half-Tempo Advantage, reminded me that I had one game left from last year's Proof of Concept with HarryO. After examining A Difficult SP for Black (SP868 QBBRKRNN), we looked at its cousin (SP864 BBQRKRNN) which is largely the same position except that a Queen and a Bishop are switched at the start.


White's first move is again 1.Ng3, threatening 2.Nf5. To defend against the attack on g7, Black must make a positional concession already on the first move. To see how HarryO and I handled it -- I had Black -- you can find our moves on HarryO's blog as comments to Non-Random Chess960 Trial Game 9: SP864 after 4)...e6.

I also flagged the position on a couple of chess960 forums. I'll discuss the feedback in my next post.

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