20 December 2014

Lichess, First Look

An online play resource I haven't covered yet is Lichess.org. HarryO mentioned it in a comment to Foraging the 'News Groups' (August 2013), and it always pops up on searches for specific chess960 positions like the all important BBQNNRKR. It also offers a chess960 'Play with the machine [Stockfish]' service.

Lichess.org : Play with the machine

What else does it offer? And where should it be placed in the list of chess960 servers shown in the sidebar of this blog? A longer look is needed.

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HarryO said...

Mark, have a very happy Christmas and all the best for the new year!

One of the things I love about Lichess, is that for a reason I don't understand, their Chess960 games show up in Google search engine, when you set up Google search to give you the latest activity on Chess960. I have forgotten how to do it but here is the link I use:


What would be really interesting to know is, why do only some Lichess games show up in Google search and not others?

What I do is hit that link every now and then, which then lists all the gossip on Chess960 anywhere in the world, including Chess.com amongst others, any new youtube videos and blogs.

Sometimes, there are high quality blitz Chess960 games on Lichess that shows up in Google search and you can tell because Google search shows the rating of both players.

Then I follow the link, it sends me strait to the game, and you can even run an analysis straight away! Just studying how players open is a nice feature, all driven by Google search in combination with Lichess.

Why it doesn't work with other Chess servers I don't know. Because they do not use HTTPS?