17 January 2015

FICS / ICC / Lichess, Comments on Chess960

After ChessCube, Comments on Chess960, let's take a look at comments about chess960 on FICS. First, here are the FICS rules on how to play (first written in 1996!):-

FICS doesn't have a forum and I couldn't find much discussion on other forums. The recurring theme seems to be how problematic it is to find a game there. For example:-

As for the last two servers listed after ICS under my 'Crossboard (Live) Chess960' links, I've already discussed them on this blog. Here is the final post for each server; follow the link to find earlier posts:-

In my next post I'll start looking at servers listed under 'Correspondence (Turnbased) Chess960'.


HarryO said...

A couple of the problems with online chess960 is not so much that you cannot get a game of 960, it is more that it is either nearly always blitz (so fast the game is meaningless) or the person accepts a game offer, then realises they made a mistake because they were expecting chess and found that the pieces are all mixed up, then they rudely abort the game without accepting their mistake leaving you without a player and wasting your time. There should be some etiquette about that, but there isn't.

18Chung said...

Abort right after accept -problem: That is resolved in most of the cases in 'lichess'. When the player clicks to accept a game of 960, he gets a notice that he will not play classical but a variant.