26 September 2020

2020 Champions Showdown Live

Last year we had 2019 Champions Showdown, St. Louis (September 2019), followed by 2019 Champions Showdown Live (October 2019; video). This year let's follow 2020 Champions Showdown, Lichess (September 2020) with a video.

2020 Champions Showdown | Chess 9LX: Day 1 (4:26:23) • 'Streamed live on 11 Sep 2020'

The description of the clip, brought to you by the Saint Louis Chess Club, starts,

The world’s top grandmasters battle online from September 11-13 in Fischer random chess. World Champion Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov, World #2 Fabiano Caruana, and more, compete in five separate Chess960 matches. Join GMs Yasser Seirawan, Maurice Ashley, and WGM Jennifer Shahade for the move-by-move.

For days two and three, see

on saintlouischessclub.org/blog. As usual with embedded videos, right click the video to find the original page on Youtube.

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