26 April 2014

Chess960 1-2-3

My previous post -- Static Blog Pages, Chess960 Version -- wasn't just about correcting an interface to Chesscube. It was also about providing a framework for my next project, an 'ebook' (for lack of a better term) covering chess960. I'm tentatively calling it 'Chess960 1-2-3', where '1-2-3' refers to three stages of chess960 progress: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

First I developed a list of topics that applies to each of those three stages: Introduction, History, Castling, Theory, and Notes. Then I went through the early chess960 posts on my main blog -- up to the point where this current blog took over -- to see if they fit into the 1-2-3 structure. Finally I created a new page, Chess960 1-2-3, which incorporates all of the above.

A single index page is a long way from an ebook, but it should evolve over time. Because it's a static page, a link will appear at the top of every post on this blog.

05 April 2014

Static Blog Pages, Chess960 Version

After writing the post on my main blog about Static Blog Pages, I had some ideas about how to apply static pages to this chess960 blog. The advantage of static pages is that, like the right sidebar, they appear on every blog page.

First I fixed the tab at the top of this blog which said 'ChessCube Chess (Test)'. It has been there for three years but has never worked properly. I created an external page on my own domain with the same content that was behind the tab. Then I made the tab point to that page and renamed the tab 'ChessCube'. Now it works properly, but lacks additional info the metainfo needed for the search engines.

As for the other ideas to use static pages, they involve creating a structured guide to chess960. All things in time.