31 May 2014

Chess960 1-2-3 2012++

Continuing with Chess960 1-2-3 2011, I added posts from this blog for 2012 and 2013Q1 to Chess960 1-2-3. In the next session I should be able to bring the 1-2-3 page completely up-to-date. With nearly 300 posts already cataloged, I have some ideas about where to take the project for the next step.

24 May 2014

Chess960 1-2-3 2011

When I posted last week's Chess960 1-2-3 2010H2, I could have mentioned that this blog had just passed its five year anniversary. Happy Birthday to us! Today I'm even more enthusiastic about chess960 than I was five years ago.

The year 2011 saw 57 posts, a strange number explained by my shifting early in that year from two posts per week to one post, a rhythm that I've maintained since then. All 57 posts are now accounted for on the Chess960 1-2-3 index.

17 May 2014

Chess960 1-2-3 2010H2

Just as summer follows spring, so does 2010H2 follow Chess960 1-2-3 2010H1. All posts on this blog from 2010 are now present and accounted for. See the 'Chess960 1-2-3' tab at the top of this page for the results.

10 May 2014

Chess960 1-2-3 2010H1

A number of factors -- Mother's Day, unexpected visitors, and (especially) multiple technical problems -- conspired against me this weekend and prevented me from doing more than half the time period covered by the previous post: Chess960 1-2-3 2009. Once again, click the tab at the top of this post to see the results.

03 May 2014

Chess960 1-2-3 2009

Continuing with Chess960 1-2-3, I added blog posts through the end of 2009 to the index. To see the results, click the tab at the top of this post.