28 June 2014

A New Page, a TOC, and a Logo

While on vacation I reviewed the Chess960 1-2-3 project, last seen in Chess960 1-2-3 2013++, and filled in one of the obvious gaps: castling tips for beginners. The new page is titled Chess960 Castling Patterns Explained.

Copying the look-and-feel of Welcome to 'Chess for All Ages', I added a Chess960 1-2-3 : Table of Contents, along with a new logo from cooltext.com.

The TOC is skimpy for now, but that's how all of my chess projects start. The index to blog posts, brought up-to-date in the '2013++' post, also follows the new format and can be found at Index to Blog Posts.

07 June 2014

Chess960 1-2-3 2013++

Aka Chess960 1-2-3 part 7/7. Continuing with Chess960 1-2-3 2012++, I added posts for the rest of 2013 and year-to-date 2014. That makes a total of 347 posts linked from the Chess960 1-2-3 index, which is also accessible via a tab at the top of every post on this blog.

Next step: Look at the index taken as a whole and identify the gaps.