24 December 2022

Christmas Eve

Out with the old!

In with the new!

That would be more appropriate for next week's New Year's Eve post, but so be it. I needed to make the change now.

17 December 2022

2022 FWFRCC Wrapup

Before moving on to other topics, here's a summary of posts on the recent 'FIDE World Fischer Random Chess Championship' (FWFRCC):-

At the time of the previous FWFRCC event -- see [2019] FWFRCC Wrapup (December 2019) for a summary -- there was some talk of organizing it every two years. Sorry I can't give an exact reference, but COVID upset whatever plans were intended. I closed that '2019 Wrapup' post saying,

Dare we call the tournament the first FWFRCC? Will there be a second? Let's have a big round of applause for the many people who played a role in making the event possible.

Now we can ask, 'Will there be a third?' And let's repeat that 'big round of applause'. The live, commentated finals constituted some of the best chess viewing I've witnessed, and my experience goes all the way back to the 1972 Fischer - Spassky match.


Later: After I wrote the post, I recalled a previous post on my main blog that sheds some light on that last sentence; see The Man Who Put Chess on Television (May 2012; Shelby Lyman).