24 May 2014

Chess960 1-2-3 2011

When I posted last week's Chess960 1-2-3 2010H2, I could have mentioned that this blog had just passed its five year anniversary. Happy Birthday to us! Today I'm even more enthusiastic about chess960 than I was five years ago.

The year 2011 saw 57 posts, a strange number explained by my shifting early in that year from two posts per week to one post, a rhythm that I've maintained since then. All 57 posts are now accounted for on the Chess960 1-2-3 index.

1 comment:

HarryO said...

Congrats I'm really encouraged that you are still enthusiastic Mark!

After more than five years of playing 960, to me it just keeps maturing and showing itself to be a worthy partner to standard chess.

The only news on 960 I could find is that a tournament has been played in India just yesterday: