11 July 2009

Differences Between Chess and Chess960

In Chess960 FAQ, one of the questions was 'Can chess and chess960 co-exist?' The short answer is: 'Yes, of course they can!' The long answer is: 'Look at the following table.'

The table shows what I think are the main differences between chess and chess960. The first column describes the way chess is tackled by good players. The second columns describes how chess960 can be tackled. The two ways of playing are not incompatible. Chess will appeal to some players; chess960 will appeal to other players; both might appeal to certain players (like me).

>>> Differences between Chess and Chess960 <<<
Number of SPs:1 (SP518: RNBQKBNR)960 (incl. SP518)
Opening Theory:Under development since mid-19th centuryAlmost none
Home Preparation:Develop an opening repertoire; study opponents' opening repertoiresStudy generalities applying to families of positions
Software:Large databases with 100s or 1000s of example games incorporating a specific, familiar opening positionSmall databases with a few games for each SP
Initial moves:Moves chosen according to repertoire, respecting chess logic as necessaryMoves chosen according to chess logic
Speed of play:Play first moves quickly while position is familiar; play more slowly when end of repertoire reachedConsider the start position carefully before making the first move; play slowly starting with the first move
Psychology:Choice of opening moves says something about player's style and objectivesChoice of moves says something about player's understanding of general chess principles
Middlegame:Standard plans for the chosen opening often known and documented; frequently possible to discern which opening led to positionOften difficult to follow a standard plan or to discern which SP was used for game
Endgame:Usually indistinguishable

SP: Chess960 Start Position


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