28 April 2012

Chess960 Enthusiasm

A frequent preoccupation of chess960 fans is to analyze opening sequences for all 960 start positions. Whether this is worth doing or not is a good topic for discussion. It's not something I would like to do, but other players obviously think otherwise.

One angle I hadn't seen before can be found on Chessplay's Youtube channel. A couple of keen players are playing each start position -- twice (switching colors) -- and filming it. The purpose of the stunt is partly to promote the online play site ChessRex.com.

Not being a member, I couldn't tell whether the site is a live play or a correspondence site, nor whether chess960 is on offer as an option; I'll find out as soon as I can. The site has a blog with a smattering of chess960 posts, like Fischer Random 960 "ChessChallenge" is to Play all Start Positions OTB in 5min Blitz Fun! (scroll down to find the post from 21 February 2012):-

We are playing all the start positions in this great chessfun game that the greatest and most talented chess player left for us to enjoy the "Chess Challenges" on 64 squares with the 960 random chess pieces staring back at you as you search the squares to find a better move! Enjoy the videos for the chessfun that we are sharing with you and spare a chess thought for "Bobby Fischer" the Creator!

Now that's enthusiasm!


HarryO said...

Eh Mark
The site used to be called E-Chess960.com. The new site ChessRex still supports Chess960 it's a name change plus a revamp. The site has been set up at great cost (electricity to run server, time and development) and the community there have done a great job so far. I think you were already a member of E-Chess960.com and so you should still be a member of ChessRex.


Higgiez960 LTD said...

LOL....yeah its No Stunt though !! Its real Chess Enthusiasm, Its going to take a Little...Ok Lotta ChessTime Mate following the List from your Web Page http://www.mark-weeks.com/cfaa/chess960/c960strt.htm We have just finished Playing the 200th Start position QBNRBKNR and moving Onwards...upWards** and Some of the Games are " Coming to a Screen Near you "...a Handfull of Games is all thats between the 2players Staring "The Higginator -V- The Chefinator" ...Enjoy the ChessFun games and Tunes!....