29 December 2012

Top Posts of All Time

As a year-end post on each of my three blogs, I had intended to highlight the top-10 most popular posts of the year for that blog. It turns out that the Blogspot.com toolset doesn't return statistics for the past year. They are available only for the past day, week, and month, or for 'all time'. For 'all time' it will be.

First, here's a chart showing monthly traffic since this chess960 blog started in May 2009. That peak near the middle, followed by the steep drop, is June 2010. Since then, the trend has been mostly 'up'.

Second, here's a list of the top-10 most popular posts of all time. A post introducing a list of online play sites heads the list, followed by two posts centered on Fischer himself.

It might be useful to look at keywords used on searches that found the blog, but the toolset no longer provides those statistics.

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