15 March 2014

Chess960 Database

After an important digression for the Moscow tournament first mentioned in Chess960 Live on the Small Screen, it's high time I returned to another topic from that same post: HarryO's Chess960 database - Compilation of games 2001-2014 [chess960jungle.blogspot.com].

I downloaded the PGN file from Chess960 Jungle, loaded the header data into a regular database, and counted 1066 games. The image on the left shows the count of games per year.

The games through 2008 are all from Mainz, while those from 2009 are from Mainz and LSS. After 2009, the games are all from LSS except for the 2011 Kings vs Queens event in St. Louis, and the 2014 Moscow tournament.

A few years ago I assembled a similar database. The next step will be to compare my games with those from Chess960 Jungle and see if I have anything to contribute to the newer collection. There is also the important subject of whether or not such a database is useful for more than its historical overview. I'll have more to say about these topics in a future post.

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