22 November 2014

No Comment?

What's the best part of blogging? For most bloggers, it must be receiving comments. What's the worst part of blogging? In my case, it has to be replying to comments. I know from experience that online discussions have a tendency to spiral out of control, especially when not-so-serious remarks are taken too seriously. The best way to avoid this is by not participating, but then you lose a good source of feedback and new ideas.

I spent a pleasant hour going through comments received over the last year or so, discovered a few that deserved further attention, and added my thoughts to the stream. The most recent 25(?) comments can always be found in the blogspot.com/feed Chess960 (FRC) Comments.

Thanks to serial commenters GeneM and HarryO for their many insightful remarks. Even if we don't always agree on the details, we do agree that chess960 is worth the time spent.

1 comment:

HarryO said...

YES COMMENT! - Well yours truly the serial offender of all offenders is posting again. Don't miss the Frankfurt City Chess960 2014 tournament on now! It is hotting up with only a few rounds to go. Here is the link: