20 March 2010

Chess960 Groups @ Chess.com

After playing a few chess960 games on Chess.com and blogging about some of the novel chess960 ideas that I've discovered there, I decided that the site had become important enough on this blog to merit its own category: Posts with label Chess.com. I also joined a couple of their discussion groups that specialize in chess960:-

That first group can be browsed even if you're not a member of Chess.com. The second group can be browsed only if you're a member of the group. I see no reason to hide content from non-members, but it's obviously up to the group's admin to decide. I also found another, older chess960 group, currently inactive. I know from experience that it's tough to maintain momentum in a discussion group, but it might come back to life in the future.

One of the big advantages of a discussion group is being able to discover resources that others post about the group's common interest. I found one thread in the forum of the first group listed above (Chess960 RandomChess) titled On the Opening in Chess960 (FRC). It points to an article on Chessville.com, On the Opening in Fischer Random Chess by Robert T. Tuohey. His premise is,

The FRC player is required to analyze the particular starting array he finds before him based solely upon general principles. Very strangely, considering the countless articles written on FRC, this, the most basic problem posed by this variant -- i.e., How do I go about analyzing an FRC opening position? -- has all but been ignored! With this in mind, then, I’d like to offer the following basic method.

That's an excellent subject for discussion and, after the Chess.com thread runs its course, I might return to it on this blog. On top of that, I hadn't been aware that Chessville had an interest in chess960, so I'll tackle that subject in my next post.


Ichabod said...

There's also Fischer Random. They seem to play a fair number of team matches and vote chess, but their discussion board isn't very active.

kokino said...

Yes, I believe that Chess960 should be available for everyone! :)
Besides, I am trying to gather useful information and it would be silly to keep it just for the hundred members of the private group.