22 August 2010

Random Associations

As long as I'm on the subject of random associations with chess960 (random associations with Fischer random?), as proposed in my post The Bernanke Positions, I might as well mention another topic inspired by the Chess.com forums. The source was The Position of the Beast, which now gives the error message 'Sorry - this has been removed'. In that post SP666 (RNKRBBNQ) was proposed as the position of the beast, a reference to a well known number from the Book of Revelation in the Bible's New Testament. Did someone find the idea offensive?

Ignoring the SP666 aspect, there are other candidates as familiar names for chess960 positions. For example, SP007 : The James Bond; SP286 : The Intel 6 MHz; SP320(++) : The Airbus Narrow Body; SP366 : The Leap Year; and SP747 : The Boeing Jumbo. Any other candidates? First come, first served...

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Ichabod said...

Oh, sorry. The Position of the Beast was my post. It must have been deleted when I canceled my account there. As I remember I got it wrong anyway.