28 August 2010

Updated Database of SPs

After a few months without updating my index to posts that discuss a specific start position, I finally brought them up to date. I discovered one position that had been discussed in an earlier post: SP535 - RNBKQNRB. For easier comparison, here are the specific positions I discussed in the two posts.

Mainz 2007, Final Match, Game 4
Aronian, Levon

Anand, Viswanathan
(After 2...d7-d5)


8th FiNet Open, Mainz 2009
Mamedyarov, S.

Grischuk, A.
(After 4...c7-c6)

While there are some similarities, the first game steers immediately after the diagram into troubled waters. How useful is my index? It's too early to tell.

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