29 September 2018

New Book by Gene Milener

This post should have been a continuation of last month's The Promise of Chess960 (in 2006), which looked at Gene Milener's book 'Play Stronger Chess by Examining Chess960', written in 2006. In the meantime I received a copy of Milener's new book 'Kinetic Patterns in Reactive Chess'. Although the book isn't about chess960, it does include a 16 page appendix, shown below.

After a two page summary of the earlier chess960 book, the appendix / epilogue discusses the following topics:-

• Chess960 Piece per Square Probabilities
• Numeric Names for Start Setups
• Changed My Mind: 'Random' Is Bad
• Mark Weeks and GeneM Disagree
• Status as Seen by Mark
• End Notes

Since there is no way I can ignore the mention of my name in a printed book, I'll come back to the subject in another post. In the meantime, the section 'Status as Seen by Mark' is essentially a copy of an article I wrote more than three years ago and which I mentioned in Whispering a Fond Adieu! (June 2015), my last post before taking an 18 month leave of absence from chess960 blogging.

There will be no more leaves of absence anytime soon. I have at least two posts to write: a continuation of 'Promise of Chess960' and a reaction to Milener's epilogue. • P.S. I'll tackle the main subject of 'Kinetic Patterns' on my main blog, Chess for All Ages.


GeneM said...

HarryO gave a link to a 2.5 hour video of a chess960 tournament for which Yasser Seirawan was the live commentator.

Video dated 2018 January, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INs7IkjeQhE

Video at time = 5min_35sec

Yasser Seirawn expresses his dislike of chess960 start setups that place all four bishops on corner squares.
In my chess960 book of 2006, I agree but I go further and also dislike all setups that start with just two of the bishops on corner squares.

To quote Seirawan:

"I hate the setups where all four bishops are in the corner, because what are you going to do? You're going to play g3 b3 g6 b6, the bishops are going to get traded. It's very hard to create an imbalance."

GeneM , 2018/10/19

HarryO said...

Hi Gene hope you are well. If you are going to use my name when it comes to the topic of corner bishops, I would appreciate it if you would link to my actual thoughts on them which demonstrate at least two top level games by Nakamura and Aronian that disagree with Yasser. Some objective perspective would be good please.