26 October 2019

2019 Champions Showdown Live

Live! From St. Louis! It's Chess960! For more about the event, see last month's post 2019 Champions Showdown, St. Louis.

2019 Champions Showdown | Chess 9LX: Day 1 (4:31:52) • 'Streamed live on Sep 2, 2019; starts at 9:10'

On Youtube's Saint Louis Chess Club channel, the description explained,

This Champions Showdown consists of four rapid and blitz chess960 matches. See what happens when back-rank pieces are scrambled and opening theory is obliterated! Join GMs Yasser Seirawan, Maurice Ashley, and WGM Jennifer Shahade for the move-by-move.

If you want links to watch all four days -- I know I do -- here they are, including the first day again:-

And if that's not enough, the same channel offered more commentary on chess960:-

How am I ever going to find the time to watch all of this?

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