23 November 2019

2019 FWFRCC Final Live

In the previous post, So Beats Carlsen in FWFRCC Final, I promised,
I couldn't find a summary of the final scores in the two semifinal matches, but there are plenty of reports from other sites to sift through. I'll cover those in a follow-up post.

We're lucky to have a visual record of the matches. From Youtube's Chess.com channel:-

Wesley So vs. Magnus Carlsen: Fischer Random Chess Championship 2019: Game 2 (1:52:49) • '[Published on] Nov 1, 2019'

The description said,

Wesley So faces off against the 2018 Fischer Random Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen. At this point in the match the score was 1.5-1.5 after a draw in the first game.

Five of of the six broadcasts of the games between So and Carlsen were published on the Chess.com channel. Here are links to the videos including the game above:-

As for other chess news sites, here are a couple of references that lead to daily reports on the games:-

That's already a wealth of material on the 2019 FWFRCC ('FIDE World Fischer Random Chess Championship', in case you've just joined), but there's much more. First question: where are the game scores?

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