21 December 2019


I'll come back to that acronym 'FWFRCC' in a later paragraph. For now let's just note that the first 'F' stands for FIDE and the second 'F' stands for Fischer. In 1975, FIDE forced Fischer to abandon his title of World Chess Champion, and 44 years later used his name against his will.

Although WFRCC would be more in line with Fischer's thinking when he was alive, let's not use that as an excuse to avoid admiring a tournament that lasted six months. First I had a couple of posts that surveyed the origin and the structure of the tournament.

FWFRCC means 'FIDE World Fischer Random Chess Championship'. I would rather have seen 'World Chess960 Championship', but the people that pay the piper can call it whatever they want. I covered the many phases of the complicated tournament in ten posts.

Dare we call the tournament the first FWFRCC? Will there be a second? Let's have a big round of applause for the many people who played a role in making the event possible.

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