30 May 2009

A Simple Chess960 Database for Tracking SPs

As outlined in Blog Posts Cross Referenced to Start Positions, I initialized a database of chess960 start positions (SPs) by creating an anchor for the first SP of each month. The posts are accessible from the 'Blog Archive' in the sidebar. The image shows what the database currently looks like for the last three months of 2001, where 1 December 2001 corresponds to SP699, etc.

Not much to write home about, is it? Here's the same table from the previous post pegged to specific dates. It lists SPs about which I've already written plus a mention of why I used it.

One issue is how to treat posts that discuss twin SPs: link them once or twice? Another is how much material to reference for SP518 (the traditional start position), which comes up frequently for the purpose of comparison.

Note that this structure offers two ways to use posts tied to a specific day. A single day can have an unlimited number of posts (although there might be a practical limit that I'm not aware of) -or- a day can have one running post with separators for different topics related to that day. Also possible is a mix of the two structures.

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