03 July 2010

Chess960 Instructional Videos

It's been a few months since my last post with label Video and in the meantime several video makers have produced instructional videos for chess960. Here's a recent one from Chess.com (SP917 RKBBRQNN).

Chess.com - Fischer Random Matches 2 (Chess960) (3:52) • 'Today FIDE Master Charles Galofre continues his video series on the subject of Fischer Random chess.' • SP917 RKBBRQNN

The description continues,

As he gains experience, Charles also finds a way to apply some important "classic chess" principals like development, central control, and even castling! His perspective and understanding, as he puts it, is "maturing". Take a look at these entertaining games, and see if you too can increase your Chess960 skills

For the moment, there are only two clips in the series and I suppose adding more will depend on their popularity. For both videos see Chess Video Lesson Library - FM Charles Galofre.

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