04 July 2010

More Chess960 Instructional Videos

In yesterday's post, Chess960 Instructional Videos, I featured a Chess.com video by FM Charles Galofre. I discovered afterwards that Galofre released a few chess960 videos on YouTube before making them for Chess.com. Here's the first.

Real Men Play Chess960 Ep.1 (6:51) • 'Real Men Play Chess!? you heard of that one? There is a youtube video with a continent full of views.' • SP032 BBNNQRKR

The clip he mentions is Real Men Play Chess, which has nothing to do with chess960. As for real men and chess960, the description continued,

Real Men Play Chess960 is a livestream video where FM Charles Galofre (me) rationalizes these irrational positions in live 3 minute games! Enjoy.

The position displayed at the beginning looks a lot like a successful attack for Black in a King Indian's Defense, until you realize that White, at the top of the screen, has just checkmated Black. A new game (SP032 BBNNQRKR) starts at 3:45 into the clip. • For more in the series, see YouTube - CharlesGalofre's Channel, and search 'chess960'. At the present time, there are five clips.

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