27 December 2014

Lichess, Second Look

I ended the previous post, Lichess, First Look, with the question 'where should it be placed in the list of chess960 servers shown in the sidebar of this blog?'. The main page, en.lichess.org, which is also the 'Play' page, lists both 'Real time' and 'Correspondence' play. Since I have fewer 'Real time' links than I have 'Correspondence' links, I listed it under my Crossboard (Live) links.

While I was working on those links, first documented in Chess960 Online Play Sites (March 2011), I checked all links to ensure they were still active. One site had disappeared (Brainking.de) and one site had changed its main address (LSS), so I made those corrections.

As for Lichess itself, everything I look at tells me that it's highly unusual. I'll need a 'Third Look' before I make any conclusions.

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HarryO said...

Are these the only Chess960 Chess clocks being manufactured today? I know Bobby was working on a chess clock wasn't he? Was it also a Chess960 start generator?