15 October 2022

2022 FWFRCC Finalists

In last month's post, 2022 FWFRCC Structure (September 2022; 'FIDE World Fischer Random Chess Championship'), after presenting an overiew of the qualifying paths, I wrote,
The two Chess.com qualifiers have already finished. I'll save the details for another post.

Once again, I'm going to kick the can down the road. There is more pressing news to report and I don't have time to cover everything in one post. From Magnus Carlsen to headline FIDE World Fischer Random Chess Championship 2022 (chessdom.com):-

FIDE World Fischer Random Chess Championship over-the-board final will take place in the Berjaya Reykjavik Natura Hotel, Iceland, from 25-30 October 2022.

The following image combines two important pieces of info from that article -- the participants and the schedule.

The participants are already known, which means that all of the qualifiers have taken place. Once again, 'I'll save the details for another post.'


Mark Weeks said...

Some good comments by Nic Bentulan (@nicbentulan) against the Twitter anchor for this post:-


I'll reply as soon as I find the time...

Mark Weeks said...

Re 'Magnus was never even the world champion', see...

17 February 2018
2018 Carlsen - Nakamura

...'billed as "The Unofficial World Championship in Fischer Random Chess"'.

Re '2022 Chess Candidates has ratings higher by 60 points and rankings higher by 92%', this is an apples to oranges comparison. The two events have little to do with each other.