29 January 2011

Getting Organized

Reading a blog isn't like reading a book. The posts often jump from subject to subject without any connecting thread and it's never easy to find related posts, especially if they were written long before or long after a post of interest. One of the tools to organize posts sensibly is the label (aka category or tag). Unfortunately, when you start a blog, it's difficult to see what labels will be useful afterwards. It's best done after you've been blogging for some time.

In a few months I'll reach the two year anniversary with this blog and, counting the time I blogged about chess960 on my main blog, next month I'll reach the two and a half year mark overall. That means I know where the main points of chess960 are. By adding a few more labels (also listed in the right column of every page), I can now attach at least one label to each of the 150 posts on the blog. Without further ado, here are four new labels and the posts on the predecessor blog that are relevant to those labels

Posts with label 'Jargon': This is an area I have to watch constantly. As I wrote in Who Says 'Chess960 Array'?, 'There are enough obstacles to promoting chess960 without introducing unnecessary jargon into the explanation.' On the other hand, there are certain concepts that don't exist in traditional chess and these need names.

Posts with label 'Pros and Cons': Some chess players like chess960, but many don't. This leads to recurring discussions about its advantages and disadvantages. Some of the arguments are valid, but many aren't.

Posts with label 'Resources': This is a vague area, but there are many subjects that could also be called 'Tools'.

Posts with label 'Theory': After learning the rules of chess960, this is the subject that interests most players. In chess960, the term 'theory' doesn't mean book moves as it does in traditional chess. It means something else, but what exactly?

I'm sure I've overlooked relevant posts, both on this blog and on the predecessor blog. I'll add them to the appropriate labels as I discover them.

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